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  • 16-18 July 2014, Faculty of Economics, Università Politecnica delle Marche – Ancona (Italy) 13th SGBED (Society for Global Business & Economic Development) Conference Intangibles and creation of value in an integrated formal and informal eLearning environment.
  • 14-16 May 2012, Taranto (Italy) Didamatica 2012
    “Il format QRcode in un’esperienza di apprendimento cooperativo e interdisciplinare”;
    “Il format SSW4LL – Social Semantic Web for Lifelong Learners”.
  • 4-6 May 2011, Politecnico di Torino, Turin (Italy) Didamatica 2011
    “Il format QRcode in Learning for All”.
  • 24-26 September 2010, Kansai University, Osaka (Japan) APTEL 2010
    “The synergy of paper-based and digital material for ubiquitous foreign language learners”.
  • 8-10 March 2010, Valencia, Spain INTED 2010 – International Technology, Education and Development Conference
    “Face-to-face learning vs e-learning: the lifelong learner’s point of view.”
  • 2-3 July 2010, Politecnico di Bari (Italy) Moodlemoot 2010
    “Da Moodle a Sloodle: modello di evoluzione di una comunità di pratica.”
  • 18-20 June 2008, University of Wollongong (NSW, Australia) Emerging Technologies Conference: Supporting a Learning Community
    “The use of new technologies in advanced Italian classes”.
  • 15-18 July 2008, Fatih University, Istanbul (Turchia) 6th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities.
    “New technologies in learning Italian as a foreign language”.
  • 22-25 July 2008, Monash University Centre, Prato 3rd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences.
    “Lifelong learning and tertiary education in Italy”.

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